voter guide
RIVER FOREST elections

April 2, 2019

Activist Toolkit has collaborated with community partners to build a comprehensive voter guide for the April 2, 2019 elections in River Forest.  The sections linked below allow voters to explore links to relevant articles, video from candidate forums, and individual candidates' websites and Facebook pages.  In addition, each candidate was given the opportunity to complete a questionnaire developed by members of the River Forest community.

This guide will be updated with additional content as it appears. Please contact us here with questions or concerns.

[Updated 3/28/19]

 RIVER FOREST Village Trustee (3 open seats)

Erika Bachner | Kathleen “Katie” Brennan | Michael Gibbs | Greg Kuenster | Robert O’Connell
[John Grant has withdrawn his name from the trustee race.]


River forest PARK DISTRICT BOARD (2 open seats)

Mark Brown | Dennis Healy | Peter Kuzmich

river forest LIBRARY board (2 open seats)

Ates Dagli | Erik S. Harris | James Hopkinson | Karen Stierwalt

District 90 school board - 4 YEAR TERM (3 open seats)

Calvin Davis | Matt Heffner | Barbara A. Hickey | Carol Allison Jack | Hui Kang | Richard Moore

District 90 school board - 2 YEAR TERM (1 open seat)

Kathleen M. Avalos | Steve Lefko

District 200 school board (3 open seats)

Frederick D. Arkin | Victor Guarino | Gina Harris | Ralph Martire | Amanda J. Massie | Sara Dixon Spivy

Stacey Austin, Paul Goyette, Deana Herrman, Lindsay Hollander, and Lailani Workman contributed to the Candidate Questionnaires for River Forest. Thanks also to Cathy Adduci, Melissa Healy, Kelly O’Keefe, Libbey Paul, Steve Schering, and Respicio Vazquez for additional assistance.