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District 90 school board - 2 YEAR TERM (1 open seats)

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Calvin Davis

candidate for 2019 District 90 School Board

1. What motivates you to seek this office? What skills, experiences, and perspectives would you bring to the Board of Trustees, and why would those contributions be valuable to District 90? What have been your most useful resources for information about pre-secondary education?

It is an absolute honor to serve my community. I have lived in River Forest over 20 years and have been extensively involved in various community organizations from the Cub scouts to various committees to Township Youth Services committee Vice Chair.  My most useful resources have been communicating between various organizations and the sharing of ideas.

2. What steps will you take to improve and expand community engagement with the District and the School Board? What is your view on how local elected officials should communicate with and respond to constituents?

District 90 communicates well with the community through town hall meetings, the district website, email, as well as district events.  I like to make myself available to constituents at any given time as I like to attend events throughout the community and hear ideas of the citizens of River Forest.

3. In what ways have you sought to better know and understand the concerns and needs of residents outside your demographic group (specifically the demographic groups of race, religion, ability, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status)?

I have a 2nd grader and an 8th grader.  I cover most of the River Forest demographic as far as age is concerned.  I live on Franklin in River Forest which is one of the most diverse two blocks in River Forest.  I understand diversity.  I embrace the diversity of other families as they embrace my own..

4. What do you think should be the three main priorities for the District over the next four years?

Curriculum, School structures, and Equity

5. How can the District best assess the extent to which it is providing a quality education to the children of River Forest?

We use various standard test scores, We are in the process of examining the grading process, as well as promoting an equitable curriculum.

6. If you could create a brand new elementary public school district from scratch, what would it look like?

Flat building creating a sense of equity, modern and definitely environmentally friendly, high quality curriculum, with grades k-6.

7. What is your opinion on Universal Design for Learning?

It should create an equitable way of learning for all students in the class. Students learn different ways, some read well, some work better in an instructional environment and some are hands on.  UDL should take all that into consideration as part of the learning process 

8. What is your position on providing a full-day kindergarten option in the district? What do you see as the primary benefits and challenges to providing full-day kindergarten?

Full day Kindergarten is not required in the state.  There are many other districts that do not incorporate an all day kindergarten.  The benefit of all day kindergarten would be an earlier assimilation to an all day schedule for students.  The challenges would be hiring of staff for all day kindergarten along with the space issue at both schools.

9. Beyond measuring student academic achievement through standardized testing, how should District 90 measure its progress in improving equity and inclusion?

Equity and inclusion isn't measured by student scores.  It is measured by the school environment.  It is measured by the lack of instances where situations occur that show a lack of equity. Social emotional issues will become less existent.   For example, if boys see more male teachers there could be less disciplinary issues

10. The Board recently took a position against arming teachers/school staff. Do you agree or disagree with that position? Please explain.

I agree.  Arming teachers would be difficult as well as dangerous.  Since the Sandyhook situation some years ago procedures were put into place to create accountability for everyone in the school.  Just this past school year, a Safety Committee was created to enhance the schools safety protocol as well as keeping up with modern advances in school safety.

11. As of the drafting of this questionnaire, the current Board was poised to adopt a policy for gender inclusivity. What is your understanding of that work? Do you support gender inclusivity? Please explain.

The board is currently exploring options and learning more about gender inclusivity.  A committee has been formed and they are getting presentations from various hospitals and therapists.  I support equity of all students.  Gender inclusivity is no different than being African-American, Hispanic, or in a Wheel chair.  They are all a part of district 90 and deserve to have an equitable learning environment.

12. Please list the three largest donors to your campaign by dollar amount contributed.


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[The above answers were supplied on 2/13/19. It may be possible to find more current financial information at the Illinois Sunshine website. Illinois Sunshine is also a useful resource for identifying past contributions by individuals to political candidates and committees in Illinois.]